April 3

Reading: 1 Samuel 29

     1 Now the Philistines had gathered all their forces at Aphek. And the Israelites were encamped by the spring that is in Jezreel.

     2 As the lords of the Philistines were passing on by hundreds and by thousands, and David and his men were passing on in the rear with Achish, 3 the commanders of the Philistines said, “What are these Hebrews doing here?”

     And Achish said to the commanders of the Philistines, “Is this not David, the servant of Saul, king of Israel, who has been with me now for days and years, and since he deserted to me I have found no fault in him to this day.”

     4 But the commanders of the Philistines were angry with him.

     And the commanders of the Philistines said to him, “Send the man back, that he may return to the place to which you have assigned him. He shall not go down with us to battle, lest in the battle he become an adversary to us. For how could this fellow reconcile himself to his lord? Would it not be with the heads of the men here? 5 Is not this David, of whom they sing to one another in dances,

          ‘Saul has struck down his thousands,

          and David his ten thousands’?”

     6 Then Achish called David and said to him, “As the LORD lives, you have been honest, and to me it seems right that you should march out and in with me in the campaign. For I have found nothing wrong in you from the day of your coming to me to this day. Nevertheless, the lords do not approve of you. 7 So go back now; and go peaceably, that you may not displease the lords of the Philistines.”

     8 And David said to Achish, “But what have I done? What have you found in your servant from the day I entered your service until now, that I may not go and fight against the enemies of my lord the king?”

     9 And Achish answered David and said, “I know that you are as blameless in my sight as an angel of God. Nevertheless, the commanders of the Philistines have said, ‘He shall not go up with us to the battle.’ 10 Now then rise early in the morning with the servants of your lord who came with you, and start early in the morning, and depart as soon as you have light.”

     11 So David set out with his men early in the morning to return to the land of the Philistines. But the Philistines went up to Jezreel.


You can imagine that, as the Philistine armies are preparing for battle, David is trying to figure out how not to end up killing men of Israel.  In 1 Samuel 29 the Lord is steering events such that David will not be in the battle.  God is in control.

It is clear that David and Achish have developed a trusting friendship.  Achish, in verse 6, tells David that he has been honest with him.  This is not entirely true, but what is true is that David has been completely loyal to Achish and has helped him as king.

The lords of the Philistines know that David is a mighty warrior, and they see him as a threat.

Even in this moment, David must seem like he wishes to fight.  Maybe part of him does.  He is certainly courageous enough and has never fled in fear from an opponent.  But the Lord sends him away from this battle.

David is a picture of how Jesus will someday lead and reign.  God is constantly overseeing his actions and everything that he does he does looking to God for guidance.  When events out of his control take place, he sees and submits to the sovereign hand of God.

This is a picture of how we need to live as well.  It is the life of faith, always trusting, always obeying, always seeking to know the Lord better and thinking according to His Word.  When confusion or temptation comes one must seek a word from God.  When one falls into sin, it is time to confess the sin, repent, and get right with God again and walk in His will.  This is what righteousness looks like in the Bible.

When you are walking the life of faith, you see God’s hand everywhere.